Treasure the Ordinary, it’s Amazing!


Dear Readers,

I can’t stop thinking about this quote –

“In chasing the extraordinary, we can miss the ordinary moments that we would crave if they were taken away”- Brené Brown

I was reflecting on this today as I pondered our Mother’s Day.

I was more than a little bummed because we had planned to go to karaoke and I had all these great plans to sing song after song but what had happened was, I sang once, Jeremy sang once, and we had a burger, and then we had to go get kiddo from daycare.

I replayed the night in my head and hit a few highlights and then realized, it had actually been a GREAT day and night. I worked an earlier shift so I could have the night off, (thanks Sherita!) then I went to get my nails done to feel pampered (Thanks Jeremy!) and when I got home Miss Vivienne was not awake from her nap yet so Jeremy and I got to take a nap (I LOVE SLEEP) and then I got ready for our date night and got to hang out with Vivienne as we were taking her down the stairs, I asked Jeremy to take a picture because I remember she had done it a few days before but I didn’t have time to stop capture it.


The drop in daycare closed at 8, we had to go get her, and also because they closed at 8, we could go have a family dinner together and while pretty ordinary fare, it was an extraordinary day and night of family togetherness.

What could you be missing out on that’s “ordinary” by searching for the extraordinary?

Think About It.

The Value Of Being There

Dear Readers,

This past week I was able to “be there” for a dear friend of mine. He had a BIG moment in his career and I was able to see him perform! Congratulations Gab!


There were some things that happened to make this possible (not the least of which being my wonderful husband coming up with the idea!) but upon reflecting on this, I found myself recollecting times that other people have “been there” for me and thought it was a good time to call some of them out. *Note- this is not a comprehensive list*

This trip was actually inspired by a surprise that someone else gave to me and my husband, so I will start there. Our good and dear friends, Mike and Leanne Schmidt, I still get choked up when I think about this, they were building their business and we asked them to come to cheer us on (as they had for the three long years it took us to get out of debt) because we were going to be in Nashville to do our debt-free scream on the Dave Ramsey show, and they told us they couldn’t make it, we of course understood, because part of learning budgets is also learning boundaries. No is a complete sentence, but then LO and BEHOLD, they showed up anyway! Surprise!


Joan Ellen Young, the most important “being there” of my life, she saw me when I was 14 years old, alone and not cared for at all. She decided to be there for me and it has made ALL the difference. I could write an epic novel about all the times she has been there for me, holding my feet to the fire and keeping me accountable to the promises I have made. She is here now, helping me be a great mom to Vivienne.


Then, there is John Ulmo. A wonderful man who died too young. He was one of the first people to “be there” for me when I was growing up, I was 16 the year I met John and he consistently made me laugh and was always challenging the way I thought about myself and others. He helped me find my first of 3 jobs as I was preparing to move away from New Orleans. I know that he is looking down from Heaven and is proud of me and the woman I am becoming.

Next, the one, the only, Alan, he won’t read this and that’s okay. Our friendship is stronger than the reading of a few blog posts. He taught me how to drive my car,  how to be an excellent friend, and the value of shared experiences. He also taught me about books and movies and the meaning of the phrase, “No taboos”.


Started out as my walking buddy, but she has become, oh, so much more, Susie “Sedona”  to my “Sparkles”, oh, my sweet friend, you inspire me in so many ways, every day and every way, thank you for teaching me about how important it is to strive and BE BOLD.


Next, my sister from another mother, Dr. Keya Howard Litt, two years ago, she came to see my show “My Big Fat Bahookie” and it meant the world to me. She also babysat for us so Jeremy and I could have a “Date Afternoon” and it was just because she wanted to be there. Lest I forget, just a few months ago, she found a free hour in a thoroughly packed weekend (for both of us) to SURPRISE me with a visit and a cup of tea! That is only the tip of the veritable iceberg of an incredible friendship that continues to grow and grow. Thank you Dr. Howard- You are an amazing friend and you “touch” my heart constantly.


Rachel, my sweet magnolia friend, a few months ago, Rachel dropped everything to “be there” for me and as long as I live I will not forget that kind and wonderful gesture. Truthfully, there have been many times that she has “dropped everything” to be there for me, these are just a few pictures to depict that and I hope she knows the value I find in her ongoing friendship and love. My one and only, CB!


My sweet SWADIC, Jessi- there really aren’t words to cover the “being there” that she is, has been for a long time now and I am sure a long time to come. She has helped me grow and become stronger with the ability to express what I want and to stand up for my own opinions in the face of strong opposition. We definitely don’t agree on everything, (like the awesomeness of the colour blue!) and we are there for each other, consistently and without fail.


I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the true champion of being there, my one and only true love, my soul mate, my husband, my partner in crime, my “I love you 3000” Jeremy.


I have often said to my mom, what is the value of being there? She turned the question back on me and said, What did it mean to you that I was there? Everything.

What can you do to “be there” for someone today? It doesn’t have to be a plane or train ride, though that’s available (hint, hint!) you can text, or send someone a note in the mail  but think about what it might mean to the person who receives it?

Think About It.